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“The Most Benevolent Thing You Can Do.” 


This article written for broadcast by our Chinese Sr. Producer, Edward Short, is a culturally appropriate way to present the gospel. All Chinese know these Chinese characters but they have not considered them from the perspective they are presented here. I don’t claim to be an expert in Chinese; I simply look at the character for “righteousness” (義) and tell what I see. The character “義” shows “I ( 我 )” under a “lamb ( 羊 ) .” To Christians, this is a beautiful concept, regardless of where the character came from. About one out of twelve Chinese were born “under the lamb,” (under the zodiac sign of “yang羊”); but my point is that IN CHRIST all Christians are “under the Lamb” of God, and thus are “義” (righteous)

The Chinese zodiac is divided into twelve parts, each represented by an animal. Do you “shu yang” ––belong to “yang” (variously translated as sheep, lamb, ram or goat)? I.e., were you born in a year that was represented by “yang”? Approximately one in every twelve people was born under “yang,” and thus “shu yang.” Perhaps I have a different way of looking at that than other people, so allow me to introduce a fresh approach.

Since ancient times sheep have held an important role in many countries. The meat of lambs and goats is eaten; people drink goat’s milk, and make clothes, coats and rugs from the wool of sheep. Even today, in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas sheep and goats are big business.

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December 2014 Newsletter





World Christian Broadcasting’s freshly minted 100 KW transmitters were loaded on a cargo ship in the Port of Houston on January 12, 2015.  A few days later the ship sailed, bound for the Indian Ocean.  Arrival date is expected to be somewhere around March 25.  The ships will cross many, many miles of open Atlantic Ocean before they sail under the tip of Africa to head north to their destination.  The two transmitters were built at a cost of $1,000,000 each, so we are praying for smooth sailing and a safe arrival! 


Once the transmitters are unloaded at our station, much work is left to be done.  They must be installed in the transmitter building that has been awaiting their arrival.  They must be connected to the diesel generators that will power them.  Technicians from Continental Electronics in Dallas must go to fine-tune their installation.  Once all that has been done, we can begin the testing process—which in itself will take more than a month.  Once everything is in order, we can begin broadcasting in late 2015 or early 2016.   

The new transmitters will send out life-giving messages through these antenna wires.  Radio signals will leave each of three antennas with 16 million watts of power.


Initially we will broadcast in six languages: Arabic (covering the entire Mid-East), Spanish (for South and Central America, plus the Spanish-speaking countries of Africa), English with an African sound (for the continent of Africa), Chinese (for western China), Russian (for the populous regions of western Russia, including St. Petersburg and Moscow), and International English (for India and nearby countries where English is a second language).   


Between the new station in the Indian Ocean and our other station in Alaska, our programming will cover almost the entire world (except for North America which is, of course, already blitzed with Christian messages on every media).  How awesome to think that the whole world will be within the sound of Biblical, spiritual messages!  Many of the countries in our listening range are off-limits to “boots-on-the-ground” missionaries.  In some of those countries, people are afraid to correspond by mail about any religious topic.  But once both our stations are fully operational, the whole world can tune their radios in the privacy of their homes, and they will pick up wonderful news—Good News—they have never heard before.  To God be the glory!



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