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Paul Ladd, World Christian Broadcasting’s Senior Correspondent, interviewed Tony Dungy in April, 2016.  Dungy is a nationally-recognized football coach who led the Indianapolis Colts to the national football championship in the 2007 Super Bowl.  But Dungy’s first priority is his relationship with Jesus Christ. Listen to both segments of this two-part series.  In each, Tony Dungy speaks more about both his faith and the way his faith impacts his work as a coach.


It’s good news! Almost too good to be true! But it is true: on Easter Sunday our new station in Madagascar began broadcasting throughout the world. Now programs from our two stations—KNLS in Alaska and MWV in Madagascar—cover the entire inhabited world. Almost immediately we began receiving emails and letters from people in dozens of countries.

MADAGASCAR WORLD VOICE is now on the air! Daily broadcast begins at 0000 hour UTC (7 P.M. CDT). Click HERE to view the schedule!





March 2016 Newsletter



Russian : Great Response from Madagascar!

African: The Rest of the Story

Chinese: We Hear our own Voices from MWV

Arabic: From the East to the West

English: Thanks for the Responses!

Latin American: Life is Worth Living?

About 650 people gathered on April 21 to celebrate with World Christian Broadcasting the inauguration of our newest station in Madagascar.  This station, combined with our Anchor Point, Alaska, station, will enable the entire world to hear life-saving messages of hope.   


In addition to encouraging words from World Christian Broadcasting’s president, Charles Caudill, and Vice President for Development Andy Baker, Royce Money, chancellor of Abilene Christian University, helped launch a $17.2 million campaign, “Pierce the Darkness.”  

For more than three decades, World Christian Broadcasting has spread the good news of Jesus to billions of people from Alaska.  Other broadcasters have come to look to World Christian Broadcasting for program content and guidance.  Our mission is simple: “Communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ using any form of mass media effective for the place and time.”


On Easter Sunday morning, March 27, World Christian Broadcasting’s second station began transmitting life-changing programs.  Ten years ago construction on the station began, and in spite of delays too numerous to mention, the “sign-on” day finally arrived. 

When the switch was flipped on, a three-way Skype transmission enabled friends of the ministry in Franklin, Tennessee—at our Programming Center—and in Anchor Point, Alaska—at our first station that has been transmitting since 1983—to see what was happening at the new station.  The photo shows the standing-room only crowd who gathered in Franklin to be a part of this momentous event.  These were people who had been praying for this day to come—and finally it was here! 

Within just a few hours we began receiving emails from people all over the world who had picked up the signals from Madagascar.  We heard from shortwave enthusiasts in Sri Lanka, India, Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Italy, Colombia, Sweden, and points in the United States from Massachusetts to California.  Almost all emails said what Jyrki in Finland said, “I was very surprised about the signal strength.”  One man wrote the touching note that he received his first QSL card from KNLS 30 years ago.  “You sent me a mini red Bible, which I still have today.  I wish you all the best with the new station.  73 and yours in Christ.” (QSL cards are postcards sent from shortwave stations to those who communicate details of what they have heard and when they heard it.) 

One man in Kursk, Russia, wrote, “It has happened! The Lord has heard our prayers and after many difficulties and obstacles, His word sounds through our shortwave receivers, coming from Alaska and from the remote island in the Indian Ocean.  I am listening to your broadcast and it feels good in my soul . . . Thank you for your work.  God bless you!” 

God has been blessing the construction of this facility from its beginning over ten years ago.  We have had more delays than we care to remember, but we are confident that everything has been in God’s timing.  We are thrilled to be used as His agents to distribute the Good News throughout the world.  Praise be to Him!


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