World Christian Broadcasting is grieving the loss of J. D. Elliott, the chairman of our Board of Directors and an important figure in the Nashville business scene.

J.D. Elliott, 1936-2015

He was President of The Memorial Foundation and also chairman of the Metro Sports Authority in Nashville. He served on many boards including the Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America, Lipscomb University, Nashville Zoo, American College of Healthcare Executives, American Red Cross, Alive Hospice, Goodpasture Christian School, and the American Hospital Association. He was a Paul Harris Fellow at the Rotary Club. J.D. was voted one of the Nashville Business Journalís Most Admired CEOs last year.

J.D. Elliott loved his friends and they loved him. He was known for his hospitality and welcoming spirit. He was the definition of a servant leader: humble, kind, giving, and a true gentleman. He had a quiet but strong presence, and was respected by all.

He loved God, and his life was a testimony to Godís love and presence. He served as an elder for the Madison Church of Christ, Madison, Tennessee, for 25 years. He regularly taught adult Bible classes.

J.D. and his wife, Anita, have three grown children, two daughters and a son, six grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. His impact on the community, the church, and his family was far-reaching. His loss is deeply felt.

After reflecting on his own grief, Charles Caudill, President of World Christian Broadcasting, wrote to the Board and the staff, ďLetís not focus on our loss. Instead letís focus on the wonderful life he lived and the amazing amount of good he accomplished and the countless number of people he influenced. J. D. would not want us to be sad. He would want us to get it together and move forward. So letís honor him by doing that. He would consider it his greatest honor. What a great and Godly man!!!





June 2015 Newsletter



Take a few minutes to watch our 2015 video. Youíll learn the latest on our programming, our mission, and our plans for the future.


While serving as Medical Director of Samaritan's Purse Ebola Care Center in Monrovia, Liberia in 2014, Dr. Kent Brantly contracted the Ebola virus. For days the world was on tiptoe awaiting any signs of good news that he might recover from the disease. In an unprecedented move, the decision was made to transport him back to the United States from Liberia for treatment.

In a five-part series of ďRefinerís Fire,Ē Paul Ladd interviewed Dr. Brantly about topics covering a range of issues swirling around his Ebola experience. In the fourth of these segments, Paul Ladd asked three questions:

1. We have all heard about Ebola, but is it still a problem?
2. What do we need to know about Ebola?
3. When you were brought to the United States there was controversy about the wisdom of bringing an Ebola patient into the States. Were you surprised at this reaction?

In his well-thought-out answers, Dr. Brantly knowledgeably responded to each of these questions with sensitivity and wisdom. You will be impressed as you listen.


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