1st Quarter 2018 - News Update

Adding New Languages is Now Our Focus 

World Christian Broadcasting is moving forward with new and exciting opportunities in front of us.  Our infrastructure has never been this solid, so we can now go into the future with the goal of additional languages.  We have a brand new radio station in Madagascar and a radio station in Anchor Point, Alaska that has a new transmitter and one that is only a few years old.  The international home facility of World Christian based in Franklin, Tennessee, built in 1991, has very few physical needs at this time.  We can now focus on adding languages to our present language services.  We will continue to broadcast in English, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, English for Africa, Spanish and Arabic (check the back page for specific information). 

Portuguese Programs 

Portuguese broadcasts are needed as soon as possible for Brazil and parts of Africa where many people live who speak Portuguese.  Our Spanish broadcasts blanket all of Cuba and Latin America every day.  Over 200 million people speak this language and are in reach from our Madagascar station.  Funds have been raised to bring aboard a new staff member who writes well in that language, one with radio experience who speaks Portuguese as a native tongue.  Staff also needs to have some expertise in creating a website that would serve as a tool for additional teaching and follow-up for new Portuguese listeners. 

Korean Programs 

North and South Korea could be reached today with a good strong signal from our Anchor Point, Alaska station.  Over some 100 million people speak Korean.  North Korea is the most persecuted country in the world.  There are people living there who have great interest in learning about Jesus.  Shortwave signals penetrate places like North Korea.  The signal cannot be stopped at the border.  Daily broadcasts into North Korea could provide a needed gap in efforts to teach Koreans the gospel. 

French Programs 

Another priority is to provide French programs to the 175 million who need to hear the gospel in their native language.  French speaking people are scattered all over the world.  The Madagascar station provides a strong signal into France, West Africa, and other areas of the globe where many French-speaking audiences live. 

Please be prayerful that these languages could be added as soon as possible


Andy Baker





Programs in These Languages                                       From Alaska        From Madagascar

English                                                                              5 daily hours      2 daily hours

Mandarin Chinese                                                             10 daily hours    3 daily hours

Russian                                                                              5 daily hours      2 daily hours

Spanish                                                                                                       2 daily hours

                                 plus a few hours each week from time purchased

English For Africa                                                             ---                       3 daily hours

Arabic                                                                              ---                       3 daily hours

We have now heard from every corner of the globe.  With 3 billion shortwave radios in the world, with 1 billion radios always on at any given point of the day and with an average of 3 people listening per radio, we have access to places in the world where our missionaries cannot go and areas of the world where the gospel needs to be taken.  Mission points where you have interest are covered everyday with 35 hours of programing from 2 antennas in Alaska and 3 antennas in the country of Madagascar.   



English programs cover Australia, India, and the Pacific Rim including Japan and the Philippines and many other countries where English is widely spoken.  Rob Scobey, assisted by Paul Ladd, leads this language service. 

Mandarin Chinese

Edward Short, Edward and Salina Ho, and Shu-Mei Lee work together to send out 13 hours of Mandarin Chinese programs daily covering all of China.  Daily, 2,300 web pages are being downloaded from their website.


Konstantin Chernushenko, Igor Ponomarev, Marina Kaboulova and Marina Vidineyeva send out 7 hours of Russian programming every day to the former Soviet Union countries of the world.  Our office in St. Petersburg, Russia, sends out Bibles and other Christian literature.

English for Africa

Edet Udofia and Henry Huffard continue on the air, broadcasting three hours daily. Free World Bible School courses are promoted daily.


With great results already coming in from Cuba and Latin America, Rex Morgan leads a team of workers.  Many baptisms have occurred, and a large number of people are taking Bible Correspondence Courses. 


Tony Tadros and his team prepare and send out programs that are heard all over the Middle East three hours every day.  Listeners from 52 cities have already responded telling us our signal is loud and clear.


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