“Why be optimistic?  Because God’s fingerprints are all over this project!”  With these and many other reassuring words, Andy Baker, World Christian Broadcasting’s Vice President for Development, encouraged the 600 guests present for our April 16 dinner in Franklin, Tennessee.

The crowd heard the progress and the dreams of the ministry of World Christian Broadcasting.  They heard about the work continuing in Russia, China, and the Pacific Rim.  They heard about opportunities for future ministry.  They saw a freshly-minted video that demonstrated, with more detail than ever before, an hour of programming in the English language (one of our three language services) as broadcast every day from KNLS in Alaska.  They were challenged, both by Andy Baker and by Charles Caudill, World Christian Broadcasting’s CEO, to have a part in the future of the ministry.

But uppermost in the minds of those 600 people were concerns over what has happened to construction on our Madagascar site over the past few months.  Most important to remember, Andy Baker stressed, is that this ministry has been nurtured by both the sunshine of God’s abundant blessings and also the storms of adversity and tragedy.  Less than six months after World Christian Broadcasting was chartered over thirty years ago, three men lost their lives on a search for a broadcast site.  Five years later, as construction on the Alaska station neared completion, an arsonist’s match did over $100,000 worth of damage to the nearly-completed transmitter building. 

Now, with construction well on its way in the country of Madagascar, Satan has struck again.  On January 27, a mob attacked our storage facility on the outskirts of Mahajunga, destroying building and electrical supplies worth up to $50,000.  A political coup within the government of Madagascar has brought concerns of safety to our thirty workers at the station site.

In spite of these unexpected developments, Andy Baker reassured supporters at the dinner that God’s hand and God’s grace reign supreme.  We are continuing the dream by building with as much enthusiasm as ever.  Not a day’s work has been lost.  No one has been injured or even threatened.  The towers are up.  Any day now the time-consuming work of stringing the antenna wires between the antennas will begin.  The massive generators are in place.  Already built, tested, and packed in a 40-foot container in Texas awaiting shipment to Madagascar are the transmitters.  All systems are “GO”!

Charles Caudill reminded the audience that Christians are experiencing more persecution today than at any time in the history of the faith.  Yes, what we do can be dangerous.  But never to be forgotten are words from the late Harry Green: “…..let the devil do his worst, but see to it that nothing hinders you from fulfilling the work that God has given you to do.”

Early in the morning after the dinner, the office received an email which said, in part, “You all put together an excellent dinner and presentation!  I think everybody had to have left fired up about what an awesome and vital ministry we have with World Christian Broadcasting. . . . We will commit to praying for WCB as a family.”

God has given to World Christian Broadcasting the dream of providing words of Jesus to reach the world through its three billion shortwave radios.  From Alaska we reach about half of these; our dream is to reach the rest from our station in Madagascar.  Yes, there are obstacles to be overcome, but God has brought us so far!  President Caudill concluded his after-dinner remarks, “Let’s remember this: No prayer is too hard for God to answer, no need too great for Him to supply, no predicament too difficult for him to solve.”  Dinner guests left with these well-chosen words from Corrie Ten Boom ringing in their ears: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

Andy Baker, Vice President - Development      World Christian Broadcasting
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