Russian - What's Going On?
RUSSIAN: "What's Going On?" September 2017

Konstantin Chernushenko
Russian Senior Producer

Saul’s Ups and Downs 

Dear friends, we are glad to see you on our Russian language web site! 

We continue to study the Old Testament. When the Lord chose Saul to become king, Saul was a believer.  As the years went by, Saul fell from faith.  He trusted in himself and not the Lord.  He rejected the Lord in his unbelief, and the Lord rejected him as king.  The Lord now chose a young man named David to become his successor.  The Lord sent the prophet Samuel to anoint David as king. 

America the Beautiful - in continuation of this series we narrate about National parks and National forests in Arizona and Utah. Also we have a big story from a recent visit to one of the oldest national parks - Sequoia and The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest—where we saw breathtaking millenniums old trees. 

Every day of our life we communicate with other people. Sometimes we discuss things, sometimes we argue and quarrel. Damir Kramaric from Croatia gives us fresh perspectives about socialization in a new and big series of programs, “Conflict Resolution.” We hope that this information can be helpful for you, our listeners, and opens fresh perspectives in relationships. 

A Capella music, touching our hearts and minds, fills us with joy and hope. We have fresh narrations about the history of many psalms and their authors. 

“Archeology and Bible.” In this program we discuss evidence that supports the Holy Book and this month we talk about a recent discovery which states that the childhood home of Jesus may have been found underneath the Sisters of Nazareth Convent in Nazareth, Israel, according to archaeologist Ken Dark. 

We have a number of projects under development that might be interesting to you. Come and download numerous Christian books, listen to our programs, see several video lessons based on Russian Christian art, then take a look at pictures of beautiful Alaska. 

Do you have critical remarks or brilliant ideas about improving our broadcasting? Send us your suggestions and we will do our best to make the programs better.


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