Russian - What's Going On?
RUSSIAN: "What's Going On?" January 2018

Konstantin Chernushenko
Russian Senior Producer

Reasons for Turning to God

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior we take time to reflect and ponder our life and our deeds. We hope you were able to listen to the series of Christmas programs dedicated to our Redeemer. We made an effort to bring the best stories whether you are believer, or just in search of Truth, or just stumble randomly on our frequency.

Sometimes people come to God in the time of hardship, because everything and everyone around fails.  Sometimes people turn to God in times of prosperity and abundance. Throughout the month we discuss powerful testimonies from such people and why it is so important to find a way to God even when it seems that you already have everything on the earth.

Listen to our series, “The Apostle Paul and His Life in Christ.” Our study of Book of Acts will show you how Saul changed from persecutor to the leading figure of the Christian movement.

There were twenty important cities in Roman Empire. Often in the New Testament we find references to different cities, but what is the background and history behind those names?

Many kings ascended the throne of Israel from the time of Saul to the dissolution of both the Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom. None of these kings, however, obtained the power and prestige that Solomon did. We continue our study of the Old Testament in the program, "Book of Books"

Thanks to our friends in the ministry, "Joni and Friends," we continue to offer you a positive view of life and a non-standard approach to everyday problems from Joni Eareckson Tada.

We have a number of projects under development that might be interesting to you. Come and download numerous Christian books, listen to our programs, see several video lessons based on Russian Christian art, then take a look at pictures of beautiful Alaska.

Do you have critical remarks or brilliant ideas about improving our broadcasting? Send us your suggestions and we will do our best to make the programs better.


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