Chinese - What's Going On?
CHINESE: "What's Going On?" July 2017

Edward Short
Chinese Sr. Producer

Rearing Teenagers and Staying Healthy

Edward and Salina Ho were invited to spend two weeks of June in Singapore and Malaysia where Edward spoke both in church buildings and at a Bible camp. Several people became Christians as a result of his gospel presentations and the Hos’ warm personalities. Edward and Salina also visited Taiwan, where they were born. They visited Christians from at least three congregations and Edward spoke in Taipei on Sundays as well. They were especially excited to go to Hsinchu and visit the parents of our co-worker Shu Mei Lee.

I believe it is important for our staff to stay in contact with the people, places and cultures from which they come. Their (our) ability to write scripts that speak to the needs and hearts of our audience depends on their understanding the current life-situation of our audience. Indeed, from what we say they can tell whether or not we have ever walked in their shoes, sat at their tables, studied in their schools, or worked in their factories.

We did some interviews during June, but with Edward Ho out of the country (and necessity being the mother of invention), we had to turn to other people (Shu Mei Lee and Edward Short) to conduct the interviews.

Shu Mei Lee interviewed a lady (a dentist from China), who had just become a Christian. This was the first interview for each of these ladies, so it was a special experience for both! Shu Mei did a commendable job as she questioned the dentist regarding what about Jesus appealed to her.

I did two interviews with a pathologist, Dr. Guo. In the first, I asked him to explain what a pathologist is and what he does. He explained what happens after a biopsy is performed, and he told us why we sometimes hear from our doctors the unsettling news, “Sorry, but the results of your tests have not come back yet.” (The answer is that sometimes it takes several days of work for a pathologist to complete his task and determine the results of the biopsy.)

I also asked Dr. Guo to give three specific suggestions to make us healthier. He said: 1) Don’t smoke. 2) Eat more vegetables. 3) Get enough sleep; don’t make yourself stay awake when your body says it is time to go to bed. (I score 33%. What about you?)

Dr. Guo teaches Sunday school to twelve and thirteen year-olds, so I asked him to talk about this age group. I asked Dr. Guo to give parents three suggestions for rearing their teenagers. He said: 1) Parents should not provoke or exasperate their children (Ephesians 6:4). 2) Parents should apologize to their children when they (the parents) are wrong. 3) Parents should pray for their children.

I asked Dr. Guo to suggest a Scripture that teenagers might use as their motto for life. He tendered Proverbs 9:10: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

Shu Mei wrote two scripts for Father’s Day. One of these was about her neighbor’s father/husband—a man highly respected by those who knew him. Shu Mei’s second script was based on the book Nowhere to Lay My Head: The True Story of a Homeless Dad.

I wrote two more scripts in the series about Jesus: “Jesus on the Cross,” and “The Darkest Saturday.” In each of these two articles, I tried to help people who were not familiar with the gospel to visualize and understand what took place when our Lord was crucified and when he was placed in the tomb.

I also wrote an article about a prayer that is recorded in Proverbs 30:7-9. Take a couple of minutes and read this prayer—the fifth in a series of “Prayers for Self”—and ask yourself (as I ask myself and as I suggested to our listeners), “Can I use this prayer as a prayer for myself? Can I pray this prayer? I can pray most of this prayer but can I pray all of it?”

Sharon and I participated in a training program in North Carolina. Our part was to teach some Chinese songs, pronunciation, simple phrases and counting to a group of Americans who were about to go to China and live for several months. This experience was a lot of fun for us and was helpful to the group, as it increases their ability to feel comfortable in a foreign country and an unfamiliar culture.


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