Chinese - What's Going On?
CHINESE: "What's Going On?" October 2017

Edward Short
Chinese Sr. Producer

HIV/AIDS, White House Bible Study and Doug Poling

As the years have passed, we have discovered that our audience appreciates the interviews that we include in our Chinese programs. While we cannot count the number of listeners we have, we do see the statistics that the website company sends us and so we get some idea of what program content our audience particularly likes. Interviews are among the segments that are most listened to on the Internet website

We had 223,000 hits on during August. Of these hits, three interviews were accessed over 6,000 times.


We made several interviews during September, but some of these will not air until October. Shu Mei Lee interviewed a social scientist from Asia whose specialty is HIV/AIDS. He gave detailed and up-to-date information about this disease in the Orient--how it is spread and how expensive it is—socially, morally, physically and financially.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma gave us opportunity to talk about disaster relief in the USA. Some Chinese Christians worked as volunteers and packed boxes at Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort one day. We invited them to visit our studios so Edward Ho could interview them about their experiences. They were so excited about all that they saw and did! And this enthusiasm was easily conveyed to our radio audience. Various countries leave disaster relief to the government, but these interviews showed how Americans depend a lot on volunteerism to carry out relief work. We showed how Christians provide relief to the needy and how they do it all to the glory of God as well as to the benefit of mankind.

Edward Ho also interviewed an Asian minister who works in several countries. This minister has blessed the poor and suffering in Vietnam and the Philippines; he has also worked in Hong Kong, China and elsewhere. During his brief visit to the USA, he spoke through a non-Christian translator to a group of Christians who wanted to know how he brings someone to Jesus. Before everything was over, he had converted and baptized the translator! This same enthusiasm for the gospel came through his interview and it will influence our radio audience.

Nashvillian Marie Smith has volunteered at World Christian Broadcasting a half-day each week for about fifteen years. It dawned on me recently that Marie would make an interesting interview for our Chinese audience! Marie, however, has not invented anything, and she is not wealthy or famous; so why would she be an interesting interview? In fact, she asked me that very question! I replied that she is so unlike most anyone the Chinese have ever seen! At ninety years old(!), she still has an office job at Lipscomb University; she still drives, lives by herself and does volunteer work as well! The Marie Smith interview will appear on on October 7; it will remain on the front page for a few days, so I invite you to listen to this special segment about a sweet, capable, interesting, busy and Godly lady.

Just to give you an idea that interviews are not always easily produced segments, I will mention one that did not work out. I asked a woman who has a unique specialty in a certain area of child rearing to do an interview with Shu Mei Lee; she accepted. I told her that we would base the interview on questions that both Shu Mei and I would prepare. We told her about the questions, as well as what we hoped to accomplish in the interview. The lady and Shu Mei discussed the content at length and made a date for the interview. Two days before the interview, however, the lady telephoned me and canceled the recording session. This shows the frustration we face sometimes.

Besides the interviews, Edward Ho also wrote some articles: No More Low Self-Esteem; Suffering with Christ; and From President Trump’s White House to David’s Heart. Edward Ho learned that some people on President Trump’s White House staff have Bible study together each week, and so he was prompted to write this third article. Edward Ho noted that King David also filled his heart with God’s Word, and today the Bible can fill the hearts of all people. Indeed, Bible study is worthwhile.

Besides the Marie Smith interview, I wrote two prayers: Prayer for People who are Hurting, and a Prayer of Thanksgiving. Each year we add some items to the already large amount of material we air regarding American Thanksgiving. It is impressive to our non-Christian audience that a nation has a Day of Thanksgiving. Of course, we always interpret this occasion as giving thanks to God and we show the historical connection between America and belief in God, the Bible and Christianity.

Saving the best ‘til last… We at World Christian Broadcasting have a staff devotional each Thursday at 2:15. I invite you to listen to a presentation that Doug Poling made at such a devotional during September. Doug is retired from CBS News and is a former World Christian Broadcasting board member as well. He has loved and has been intimately involved in this ministry since its beginning. You can see and hear his presentation, “Is Anyone Listening?” at . The photo shows Doug behind the microphone as he records one of the scripts that he writes for our English broadcast every month.

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