Chinese - What's Going On?
CHINESE: "What's Going On?" January 2018

Edward Short
Chinese Sr. Producer

2017 at World Christian Broadcasting
By Edward Short

Praise be to our God and Father in heaven
Thankful we are for the gifts he has given

In a world of changes galore
God is the Constant we serve and adore

World Christian Broadcasting’s production team
Helps fulfill the Great Commission dream

Of telling the world that Jesus died
That Jesus wants them as his bride

Repent, we say, and change bad behavior
Believe and obey our resurrected Savior

Anchor Point, Alaska, twenty hours each day
Christ’s gospel is transmitted to places far away

From Madagascar off the African coast
Fifteen hours are sent to where needed the most

English throughout the world is admired
Our programs throughout the world are desired

Great Russia is eleven time zones wide
The gospel five hours a day we provide

Spanish broadcasts are happily received
In Cuba and South America the Word is believed

The African Service faces the continent vast
Jesus and folk religion stand in stark contrast

What a challenge is today’s Muslim population
Our Arabic Service is their radio station

China is the world’s most populated nation
World Christian Broadcasting offers salvation

On the Internet we also go worldwide
Website traffic is reason for pride

But humility not pride is what we exhibit
For its God not we who gets the credit


Challenge, change and complexity filled the year
But never did God’s unfathomable love disappear

Our President and First Lady new titles acquired
Charles Caudill and Kathy at year-end retired

Jobs well-done, now time for some rest
Andy Baker steps up as President, so blessed

Dan Dozier from WCB fundraiser did move
To Rural Hill church as preacher approved

Nancy Walker assisted our front office endeavors
With artistic additions to all their whatever’s

Dick Brackett retired from his special ministry
His spirit lingers although invisibly

Senior Producer for Africa, Henry Huffard
Retires to Jane’s side, from cancer recovered

George Tien, WCB’s first Chinese department leader
Passed from this life to his reward in December

What will 2018 bring? A senseless question to ask
We know that God is well and we’ll face the task


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