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CHINESE: "What's Going On?" June 2017

Edward Short
Chinese Sr. Producer

The Fragrance of Christ

For the Chinese service of World Christian Broadcasting, May began with a trip to California. World Christian Broadcasting was asked to prepare three classes for the Pepperdine Bible Lectures, so Gayle Crowe, Vice-president of Programming, designed a special program for this event. He wanted to include some father-son combinations that would show comparisons and contrasts of mission work in various parts of the world. Gayle invited John and Danny Reese to speak one day and Lewis and Edward Short to speak another day. The theme was “Shedding Light Amid Darkness.” John and Danny spoke about The Fragrance of Christ in Angola and Throughout the World. Lewis and I spoke about “The Fragrance of Christ in China and East Africa—Comparisons and Contrasts.” 

John Reese was born in Zimbabwe (called Rhodesia at that time) and was a missionary in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. Additionally, as President of World Bible School, he has traveled and preached in many countries of the world. Danny Reese is a missionary in Angola. Lewis Short was a missionary in Italy for thirteen years and has now been in Tanzania for almost three years. These men, along with their dear wives and families, have served the Lord under some difficult circumstances, thus they were well-equipped to discuss the topic that was assigned.

Additionally, Dr. Gayle Crowe himself also prepared a class—an excellent presentation of Islam in the world today. He discussed both the challenges and the opportunities that recent tragic events provide for Christians to interact positively with Muslims.

You can listen to these three programs for free by going to: . If the link does not work, go to your search engine and type: pepperdine bible lectures 2017 crowe . Scroll down for items 141 (Crowe) and 185 (Short). (As of this writing, it seems that the John and Danny Reese session has not yet been added to the list.)

If you have iTunes this will be easier; if you do not have iTunes you will have to install it, so it may be more complicated. Good luck!

I began our class by asking how many in the audience had been to Africa and to China. I was surprised that a high percentage of the attendees had been to Africa, whereas but a few had visited China.

Edward Ho’s scripts during May discussed how God’s revelation becomes our world view and then our way of life. God’s word helps human beings to realize their place in the world and teaches people how to live.

Ho also told our audience that the most important plan and the longest plan on earth is God’s plan of salvation. The script helps listeners to see this plan from Abraham to Jesus Christ.

I wrote a series of three scripts about Lois and Eunice—Timothy’s grandmother and mother. The more I think about these ladies, the more impressed I become with them! In the articles I tried to think what all probably took place in order for young Timothy to end up with Paul on his mission trips. Would you want your twenty-year-old son going off with a preacher whose life was constantly threatened and who sometimes ended up in jail? Of Lois and Eunice I said that…

  1. They taught their faith to the next generation
  2. They were open-minded
  3. They encouraged Timothy to study and to be adventurous
  4. They respected Timothy’s decisions
  5. They overcame obstacles
  6. They supported Timothy’s desire to serve God

Lois and Eunice help us know more about how to rear our own children and how to prepare them to serve God in a society that is full of uncertainty, unbelief and danger.

(The Chinese items you see were used on the website to go along with the articles about Lois and Eunice.)

Interviews in May included one with Marsha Shih, a Chinese lady who became a Christian over forty years ago when she worked as a church secretary. She reminisced about her duties and about the missionaries for whom she worked. Two of these were Enoch and Jeannine Thweatt. Their office was in their home at the time, so Marsha saw this Christian family up close every day—the way they interacted with each other, the way they reared their children and the way they faced problems. Marsha was very impressed! Eventually she realized that the Bible was not just an ordinary book as she had formerly thought, but was a special book like no other she had ever read. Eventually, she said, “I want to become a Christian. Will you baptize me?”

Another interview was with George Xia, an aeronautical design engineer. He answered questions about modern airplane design. For example, he explained why airplane wings now have the curves at their tips.

The third interview was with Ji Yin, the minister of a Chinese church. Ji explained why he believes in God and why he believes that Jesus is divine. He told about his own background and how he became a Christian.

The fourth interview was with Coral Lee. Formerly a magazine editor, I asked her to give our listeners tips to improve their writing skills. She also talked about the influence of Christianity on her own life and on her home.

Soon after this article is published, Edward and Salina Ho will be in Singapore, God willing. They were invited by the Pasir Panjang church to visit and speak. Edward will hold classes at the church building and also speak at a retreat sponsored by the church. Before returning to the USA, the Hos will visit Taiwan where they grew up. Christians there will be delighted to see them again and to hear Edward speak.

As I write this report, the month is not quite over, but with two more days to go, the website statistics look about like last month’s. We had well over 208,000 hits on . Some 7,600 unique visitors made about 17,000 visits and accessed over 66,000 items on our website.

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