Chinese - What's Going On?
CHINESE: "What's Going On?" May 2017

Edward Short
Chinese Sr. Producer

Feasts—Physical and Spiritual

Over five hundred people attended World Christian Broadcasting’s annual funding dinner that was held on April 20. Of interest to readers of this article is the fact that several Chinese attended the dinner this year; one table was completely Chinese and other tables also had Chinese guests. Our friends from afar left all excited about the present work as well as the future plans for World Christian Broadcasting.

One of the Chinese present at the dinner, Dr. Song, had just that afternoon been interviewed by Edward Ho. Dr. Song discussed his job as a structural engineer and the current job market for civil engineers. He also discussed some spiritual implications that he draws from his professional experiences.

Rob Scobey produces a new informational video each year for the dinner. Rob won an award for last year’s video (Congratulations, Rob!!!) and some people thought that the video this year was even better than last year! Part of the new video was a brief clip of Edward Ho interviewing a Chinese lady, Jan, who is married to an American. They discussed their home, giving people in China—a place where many homes are not happy—a glimpse into the interworking’s of a Christian home.

Edward Ho was prolific during April. Here is his description of the scripts he wrote:

Being neglected is sad. Christians ought not to neglect the Holy Spirit, which was the case of the rare moon rocks president Nixon gave to the Prime Minister of Great Britton as a national gift in the early 1970s.

Luke 16: 1-12 records several important attitudes of a good steward according to Jesus. God blesses us with many possessions. And, He hopes that we in return bless other in the same way He does to us.

Luke 13: 1-9 talks about the blessings of repentance. Repentance not only helps us to avoid destruction caused by sins, it also enables us to yield positive impacts unto others. Repentance also leads us into heaven. 

Jesus leads people to a godly life in powerful ways with powerful check points. Here are four points. Are you worried? What do you do with your money? How close are you with God? Have you feed others in ways God intended?

Baptism is important and it has symbolic meaning for the new life we have in Jesus.

The first six verses of Psalms 19 are a good beginning where Christians introduce God’s greatness, authority, supremacy, humility, and mighty power.

Good Friday is a day many Americans set to remember the death of Jesus. This script talks about reasons that Jesus knew that he will die in Jerusalem; but he still went to the cross even though he had the opportunity to flee.

The Easter holiday affects many families in America today. The resurrection of Jesus actually affected many people throughout history. The apostle Paul described in Galatians 2:19-20 how the resurrection impacted him.

Why do we want to study and know God’s word? Psalms 19 gives practical reasons—the benefits of knowing God’s word.

Five basic questions about Christianity. What do Christians believe? What is God? How do we know God? How does God communicate with us? What does God want from us?

Jesus, the son of God, has impacted human beings and no other man has surpassed him. This single fact proves that God is much greater than man. This script talks about blessings Jesus promised for believers.

Human beings have a spiritual body. We ought to listen to Jesus Christ regarding how the spiritual body functions, because it is God who creates life.

Physicists describe in this century that the human body is made of star matter. This interesting view was described three thousand years ago in Psalms 139:15.

I am writing this article before the month is over, but for the first twenty-five days of April our Chinese website hosted almost 7,000 unique visitors who made more than 14,000 visits and gave us over 172,000 hits. They accessed over 58,000 pages of material.

The first week of April, I helped facilitate an InterMission Ministry missionary care event in Nicaragua for missionaries in Central America. We had a small group of ex-pats from Honduras, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua who assembled together for several days of fellowship, study, prayer and relaxation. I introduced them to the work of World Christian Broadcasting and gave them cards and other material to use to encourage friends in their respective countries to listen to our broadcasts. I took my own shortwave radio and heard our Spanish language broadcasts almost every night I was in Nicaragua.

After the InterMission, participants wrote expressions of gratitude; here is one: "...this event showed that God knows our every need and provides for every need.  We have (been) walking through some dark valleys and we know God is directing our paths but this event was a way for Him to send angels to attend to us on our way.   Just as God sent the ravens to attend to Elijah; He sent InterMission to minister to us!"

It may already be over by the time you read this, but World Christian Broadcasting invited my son Lewis and me to speak on their portion of the program at the Pepperdine University Bible Lectures in May. The theme of the World Christian Broadcasting series is “The Aroma of Christ: Sweet Fragrance in a Sinful Society.” Lewis and I are to discuss this topic in the context of Tanzania and China. We will compare and contrast what about the gospel is “fragrance” to people in these two very different places in the world. Lewis and his family presently live in Tanzania and Sharon and I have some experience in Asia, so Lewis and I hope to give the audience a lively hour of interesting comparisons and contrasts. Attend if you can!

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