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CHINESE: "What's Going On?" April 2017

Edward Short
Chinese Sr. Producer

Boy with Autism Draws Nearer to God

I received a letter this month from a Mr. Xu, a Chinese listener who breathes thinner air than most of us, as he sits some 12,000 feet above sea level. The gentleman lives in Lhasa, Tibet, and he listens to our Chinese program regularly. In fact, in this—his third letter—he sent an MP3 recording of our broadcast from Madagascar; I was pleased with the clarity of the signal.

Additionally, Mr. Xu wrote and said that he enjoys the program, especially the Bible drama program that we air from time-to-time. “This is entertaining but it also helps me understand the Bible better,” he said. 

Programming in March included some new scripts by Edward Ho, Salina Ho and yours truly.

In one script, Edward Ho describes the true story of a woman who struggled in her relationship with her in-laws. One day her son washed his mother’s feet, an action that touched her heart deeply and gave her the impetus to serve her in-laws.

Here is how Edward Ho described two other scripts: 

 “With God Everything is Possible” is a true story of God’s healing of a middle school Chinese student. The story describes how adults failed to help pull an object out of his foot, but God removed the object.

Another follow-up story was written to describe how God enabled this boy (who has autism) to realize that God loves him. The script “Quality Time with God” reveals how through healing God conducts meaningful communication with the boy.

“How do Wealthy People Use Money?” begins with King Solomon’s efforts in writing about God’s revelation and in building the Temple. It ends in pointing out the importance of God’s word and our obedience.

Edward Ho also did an interview with Ms. Yang, a Chinese who lives in Memphis and is a realtor. The aim of the interview was to help listeners learn about a new facet of American society and culture. Ms. Yang’s remarks ranged from owning a house to pursuing the American Dream, but she ended by mentioning the importance of God in turning a house into a home.

Salina wrote several scripts including titles such as “Underpass,” “I Remember” and “Edison.” She describes these articles as follows:

On the way to the office, I usually drive through an underpass which is in a dangerously sharp turn.  Because all the drivers cautiously slow down to prevent car wrecks, nothing has ever happened.  If we know ahead of time that we may encounter difficult people or situations and prepare ourselves by controlling our tongues, we can prevent many conflicts.

“I Remember” is a series about how to build lasting memories with your children.  This month I talked about when your child is stuck in a situation, if you share insights that give him a broader perspective and gently pull him out, that experience will stay long in his memory. 

Thomas Edison’s factory was engulfed in flames.  Instead of yelling in anger, Edison asked his son to enjoy the spectacle and thank God that the fire got rid of all the bad inventions/products.  He restarted the next morning.  God often uses obstacles to help us grow stronger and we should try to face them with a positive attitude like Edison.

I wrote scripts about Humility, Prayer and Jesus. The article on Humility was a modern example of Jesus’ call for service among his followers. Being #2 is difficult enough, but what if you were called to step down from being #1 to being #1’s assistant—i.e., to becoming #2? How many of us could do it gracefully? The true story of a missionary in Africa illustrated the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 20:20-28.

President Ronald Reagan said that prayer is a tool that we possess that can change the world. At the National Prayer Breakfast, February 2, 1984, President Reagan told the story of Telemacmus, the man who ended gladiator fights at the Colosseum in Rome. I used it to stress the power that one person can have in the home, work place, society and church. I based the script on David Sargent’s article about President Reagan’s speech; you can read the article HERE by David Sargent:. You can read the remarks HERE by President Reagan:

My Chinese article will appear on on April 29 and in our Chinese broadcasts before than that.

The script on Jesus was another installment in the series “Meet Jesus” aka “The Jesus You Never Knew.” I talked briefly about anesthesia in ancient China and then asked what would be on our minds the days prior to surgery if we knew we would have the operation without anesthesia. Jesus spent the last several days before he went to the cross teaching the apostles, not thinking about the pain he would endure. Do phrases like “Don’t let your hearts be troubled…”, “I am the way, the truth and the life…,” “My peace I leave with you…” and “Love one another…” sound like something a person about to undergo crucifixion (and that without anesthesia!) would say? Indeed, something other than pain was on Jesus’ mind the days prior to his crucifixion.

I am writing this article two days before the end of March, so our Chinese website statistics for March are not all in. Even so, we had a lot of visitors in March! Over 7,700 visitors made over 15,200 visits and accessed over 78,800 pages of material. Edward Ho’s interview with Jan Self (a Chinese lady married to an American man) was the most popular item during March, being accessed over 1,800 times; their second interview placed fourth with over 1,660 visits. “Put Him First” by Salina was in second place with over 1,700 hits. We are thankful for each person who listens to our broadcast and for each one who visits our website .

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