A Prayer of Compassion
By Edward Short

Following several minutes of remarks about people who have spina bifida, scoliosis, ALS and polio, and the special needs they and their caregivers face, I lead a prayer, as follows…

Our Father in heaven, May all people respect your name as holy. 

First, we confess our wrong doings.  Although we had no evil intent, nonetheless in the past we’ve been prejudiced in our attitudes, especially toward people with disabilities.  We’ve not expressed concern for these people.  Heavenly Father, we don’t know how to express concern for them.  So today we pray for these people and for their families and caregivers.  We pray for our entire society—please help us all to take seriously, to show loving care for and to assist these people.  Help us not to take them lightly, ignore them or find them repugnant.

O God, help us develop hearts of compassion within ourselves.  Help us to see the disabled as our own brothers and sisters.  We’d like society to extend compassion to them by providing what is needed for them to live more comfortable lives.  They need places to live where movement is not restricted, thus enabling them to sleep, eat, dress and be mobile—just as conveniently as normal people are able to do.  We’d like society to purchase modern and specialized equipment for use by the disabled, and to build houses where the disabled can function.  They need wheelchairs, electric chairs and specially equipped cars.  They need schools where they can develop to their potential, can learn skills, and learn to live more normal lives.

Finally, heavenly Father, please bless each one of us with the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and thus learn how you love us—that we in turn may love yet other people as you love us.

In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.


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