Africa - What's Going On?
AFRICA: "What's Going On?" January 2018
Henry Huffard Sr. Producer, Africa

Africa Service Transitions

Today I write at the conclusion of ten years of service with World Christian Broadcasting. When I began, I hoped to produce high quality programs that would get the new branch of WCB offerings off to a strong start. My intention was to work with this organization for ten years and retire, handing off my responsibilities to a person more capable than I. Today is my last day of full time work at World Christian Broadcasting, and I will be replaced by a person having boundless energy, a superior knowledge of Africa, broadcasting and technology skill and great zeal for evangelism – my longtime co-host, Edet Udofia. 

It is impossible for me to describe the past ten years or to adequately express my appreciation for all the people who have made my time here so fulfilling. I have served under Charles Caudill and Gayle Crowe. I couldn’t ask for better bosses.. dedicated, encouraging and supportive. In times when my wife’s physical condition required that I be at her side, they were compassionate and understanding. They have been great examples of Christ on a daily basis. 

When I have worked for a non-profit prior to my job here, my role was more solitary. What a change it was working at World Christian Broadcasting! It has been a great joy to have so many comrades who are working together for the same goal. My fellow senior producers and other co-workers have helped me learn, exhibited a spirit of professionalism and, in general, been great friends during my years here. 

I especially want to express my appreciation to wonderful volunteers who have been more than helpful – who’ve been actually vital to the success of our work. John Ihrig of Virginia compiled “This Day in History” for 366 days of the year, and has completed an update on the first quarter of the year recently. He has done a number of series for us, covering the entire Bible for children, parables of Jesus, Christian martyrs, and history’s disasters. What a great friend he is to the work! 

From Africa we’ve received nearly one hundred excellent episodes on marriage from Janet and Fielden Allison, who hold seminars on marriage throughout the continent. Our African medical expert, Dr. Robert Whittaker, has done a wonderful job answering relevant questions for the program “Ask the Doctor.” He runs a clinic in Swaziland. 

Trent Wheeler started a meaningful series of devotional messages based on African Proverbs. We hope this series, as well as the other African offerings, is expanded. Dr. Dan McVey authored and voiced an excellent series discouraging the use of violence when there are religious differences. Space does not permit me to name everyone who has participated in our “Making a Difference in Africa” series. To all who have volunteered and contributed so generously, I must sincerely say, “Thank you.” 

Edet Udofia, Edwin Moyo and Henry Huffard discussing holiday programming

Edet Udofia recording in the studio.

Over the next several months, Edet Udofia and a team of the staff here (including our new President, Andy Baker) will evaluate past effectiveness and decide on the best course for the future of the Africa Service. I will participate in the process, too. It is a time of prayer, reflection and reviewing possibilities. We are confident that God will use this process to enable World Christian Broadcasting to succeed in its commitment to reach as many people in Africa as possible with the good news of Christ. God is using this organization as a tool to reach the world. We ask that you join us in prayer during this period of “re-sharpening” of the Africa Service for the future.


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