Africa - What's Going On?
AFRICA: "What's Going On?" June 2017
Henry Huffard Sr. Producer, Africa

Interviews in May

We were blessed with four interviews with church leaders from three African countries during the month of May. One of the benefits of living in the Nashville area is having a regular flow of the Lord’s servants passing through who are willing to share their insights with us.

Dr. Peter Egure

Dr. Egure and his wife, Comfort, were well known to us for their work among churches and Christian schools in Nigeria. During his early life, he served a number of Nigerian Presidents as head of security and National Director of the Department of State Services. He was awarded one of his nation’s highest honors, Officer of the Order of Niger (OON) for excellent service. He credits his faith for guiding him while holding this position.

Dr. Egure’s profession now is law. He is a barrister of an active law firm. In addition to this, he serves as an elder in his local church and as chairman of the trustees for a church fellowship of over 400,000 people. The Nigerian government requires all church groups to have a trustee organization for it to deal with directly on legal matters. Being chairman is an honor, but it is also a lot of hard work. Dr. Egure also serves as the chairman of a number of Christian school governing boards. He understands the importance of such institutions for the stability and strength of the church.

Dr. Peter Egure

Dr. Egure is a member of the Continuation Committee for Africans Claiming Africa for Christ, an international organization of church leaders that meets every four years in various countries throughout Africa. This is an important gathering for coordination between nations and encouragement.

Bisher, Mthethwa and Soza

Three of our interviewees came as a result of a mission conference held north of Nashville. The local church holding the conference brought all the missionaries and evangelists who attended to our operations center and provided lunch for our staff! Three of our guests served in Africa and were interviewed by Senior Correspondent Paul Ladd.

Harry and Bobbie Bisher had visited our studios before. I interviewed them when they returned from a camp in South Africa that was often used for spiritual retreats. Now the Bishers serve as vocational missionaries in Swaziland. Paul interviewed the Bishers and Pastor Enock Mthethwa who also serves in Swaziland.

Harry and Bobbie Bisher

Peter and Phoebe Soza work in Uganda. They lead Divine Care Ministries which takes care of children and the elderly. We commend them for looking after society’s most vulnerable.

These interviews will become part of our ongoing series, “Making a Difference in Africa.” One of our missions in broadcasting is to introduce our listeners to Christ and His saving grace. The other is to encourage listeners who share our faith to show it – making a difference in their communities by their example. We thank all those who came by our studios to “let their light shine” and to bring glory to our Heavenly Father.


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